Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Many moons later...

A long time has passed since my last post.  I ended up going off the low carb diet even though it made me feel great and gave me energy I've never before felt.  However, I decided i would try it again when we could better afford it.  Less than a month later, my fiancé lost his job and so we were reliant on only my income for most of the remainder of the year.  No low carb diet then.  When he finally found work, it was with a company called the North West Company which involves working up north.  He took the job and I was given the option to apply as well, which I did.  We were both offered supervisor positions and we are now living in Deer Lake, Ontario where we are training for our permanent location which has yet to be determined.  Well, originally we knew where we were going to be sent, but that has since changed and no set location has been determined for us at this time.  I thought/hoped that living in the north would make a low carb lifestyle easier, but it has proven to be even more difficult because of the sheer cost.  There are hardly any fruits or vegetables up here and all meat is frozen so it's hard to just cook up something when you get home after working 8-9 hours.  I mean, you can't just buy some fresh boneless chicken, cut it up, and sauté it in some sauce for supper.  Even when we have high protein meals, it's often accompanied by some sort of carbohydrate (e.g., honey garlic sauce).  Though now that I think about it, if we stopped drinking pop and used that money for meat/veggies instead, we might be able to pull off a low carb diet.  We will see.

For more information about our life in the north, be sure to check out our other blog at http://ournorthernlife.wordpress.com which is updated far more often than this blog.  There's not much to talk about in addition to what is posted on that blog so updates to this website may be sporadic.

Also, hello Russia!  I'm not sure why, but apparently most of the hits to this blog are from Russia.  :)  So yeah.. hi!

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