Monday, 16 November 2015

Mystery Package Clue #1 - The Norwegian comic page

I received a bright yellow business envelope addressed to me (no return address) and inside was this comic sheet in Norwegian and the post it note that is printed (despite looking hand written it is not). So far I've figured out the following:

Post It: Bratteli and Solberg are both Norwegian last names, not place names.

Comic front:
Panel 1: Do not scare the cat, Jens! He has not said a word in several days!
Panel 2: Is THIS what you saw?
Panel 3: IS it? *WHACK*

I included the back of the comic in case there are clues there. It's all in Norwegian and I haven't taken the time to translate it yet.

Sorry if the pages are ridiculously large on your screen.  I use a high resolution on my laptop and so the text was too small to read at smaller sizes.

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