Thursday, 17 November 2016

Liver Tumour

I originally posted this to Facebook, but not everyone gets updates from Facebook so I am updating the blog for those who need to get caught up and do not want to scroll forever to find the information on my page.  I'm even backdating this to when I posted it to Facebook (17 Nov @ 9p Central)

So people know I had an MRI a couple weeks ago. I didn't exactly keep that secret to people I've talked with recently. I did not tell most people it was for my liver. I talked with the Dr yesterday and he told me there's a "small spot of accelerated cellular growth" in a "benign" area of the liver. For those of you who don't speak biology, that means I have a small tumour in my liver. However, he thinks it's a hepatocellular adenoma which are benign (i.e., non-cancerous).

Today I received a call from the same Dr and he is referring me to a hematologist-oncologist in Winnipeg which, for those trying to keep up, is a liver cancer specialist. He also had a bunch of blood work done and is booking me for a CT scan.

tl;dr I have a tumour in my liver, but I have NOT been diagnosed with cancer. But we're investigating to be certain.

DON'T PANIC. plzkthx

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