Saturday, 3 December 2016

I have HOW many days?

Two days ago, on Thursday 1 Dec, I get a call in the morning from the Nursing Station.  I have a CT Scan in Sioux Lookout on Tuesday, 6 December at 8am. HOLY SHIT!  That's not much notice, but when I went to pick up the appointment sheet I noticed it was a fax that was sent in that day at 11am.  So the Nursing Station had called me as soon as they received the fax.

Had to scramble a bit to get flights worked out before end-of-day Friday (i.e., 5pm) but it was arranged and I have my itinerary.  Because the CT Scan is so early in the morning, I am coming back the same day as the scan, so really I'm only gone from here for about 24 hours (4ish pm Mon to 4ish pm Tues).

Last night as I was going to bed, I realized I hadn't yet booked a hotel room for the night I'll be in Sioux.  So today on my much I went to Expedia and booked a room at the same hotel I was at last time.  I didn't sleep well the last time, but that wasn't the hotel's fault.  There were kids running up and down the halls all night.  Besides, they are the only hotel out of the 3 listed who have free transportation from the airport to the hotel, so I save on cab fare.

I've also been asking about getting a local SIM card for the cell phone network here.  Apparently it works anywhere on the Rogers network (considered roaming when on Rogers) and the local tower offers 3G data now.  The rates for the local cell phone network are MUCH CHEAPER than Fido's pay-as-you-go rate I've been using, which is their 40 cents a minute plan.  It's 40 cents for every local minute, 30 cents for every SMS, and like an additional 50 cents per minute if it's long distance.  No data.  KNet is like... 5 cents per local minute, 5 cents per SMS, and 30 cents for a long distance roaming minute,  And since KNet is also pay-as-you-go and you top up with vouchers, I can top up only as I need to.  Just have to make sure I have a balance every couple months because after 3 months of no balance I'd lose the phone number (Fido gives you 6 months).  This way I shouldn't easily burn through $40-$50 in usage in a week when I'm down south.

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