Friday, 19 April 2013

Low-Carb Diet begins, my time with Dr. Martin ends. DAMMIT!

So Day 1, Meal 1 of starting/trying a low-carb diet and already I'm having a hard time with it. I WANT SOMETHING SWEET OMG. For supper I had honey garlic sausages and boiled peas. The sausages only have 5g of carbs per sausage so that's well under the suggested <9g/hr. For now I'm allowing diet cola still because it doesn't trigger insulin (sugar alcohols are not sugars). I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow to buy more food. I figure I can do this relatively cheaply by eating a lot of chicken salad, eggs, and fresh/frozen vegetables (or low sugar fruits). I've decided the only sugar I will permit is lactose because my gender and depression pretty well require calcium and vitamin D respectively. I'm not crazy about milk so it won't be difficult to ensure I don't go overboard.

I also recently received my gift for my groom in the mail.  It's even nicer than it looked online and I LOVE the box/packaging it comes in.  Pics to come when I give it to him (months from now so be patient)!

I also received notification that my mother's day gift is waiting for me at People's Jewellers.  I bought my mom a pair of lab-created white sapphire stud earrings for $30 (she doesn't even know about this blog so I'm not worried about her reading this).  I didn't want to spend a lot on her because we might be in some financial trouble soon, but I still wanted to get her something nice.  The earrings are 6mm so that should be nice without being ostentatious.

Also as of Tuesday 16 April 2013 I no longer get to go see Dr. Martin.  :(  I've been discharged.  That's the price of doing well: people you've come to rely upon begin to disappear from your life.  He's going to write a note for my general practitioner so that she will know that she will be responsible for refilling my scripts from now on.  Going to see her is annoying (2-3 hour waits) but I guess it's still faster than going to Hamilton and back, not to mention much cheaper.

As for financial troubles, Andrew came home the other day saying that he was told if he doesn't increase his productivity at work they will let him go in two weeks.  Which is "great" considering that was when he was going to take his vacation.  We've talked about it and I think he agreed to try and work harder to try and avoid being fired.  We also discussed if he could instead be moved to a different position where he will be more successful, or moved into a part-time position instead.  I mean he's been with the company for five years, three years of which has been in his current position so there has to be a way this can work for everyone (his management changed over in the previous months and that could be why this is now an issue when it wasn't before).  In the event the status quo changes, I will have to contact CPP to see if I qualify for a higher amount and also contact ODSP to see if I can be reinstated on that.  We will still have less money than we did before, but at least we shouldn't become homeless.

And finally, on Monday there was a bombing at the Boston marathon.  This was especially troubling for me because I knew someone who was running in that marathon (a World of Warcraft guild member).  Luckily he finished the race, went to his hotel, showered and was in the taxi to the airport when the bombing happened).  He and his wife made it home safely.  Today they finally arrested one of the suspects (the other one died in a standoff with police).

So all in all this week has been more downs than ups, but there's nothing that will become cataclysmically bad.

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