Saturday, 20 April 2013

Low Carb Diet Day 2

Day 2 of low carb diet. Today was much easier to endure than yesterday even given the fact I dreamed about candy as I slept last night and now have a craving for bread with butter on it. All I've had today were sausages, peas, diet cola and a cappuccino.  However today we did grocery shopping and I bought a lot of canned chicken so I can have chicken salad (sans bread) for lunches during jury duty next week.  My intent is to try this diet for 2-4 weeks and see how it goes. I can't afford to lose a lot of weight or my wedding dress won't fit anymore.

Speaking of weddings we went to People's Jewellers today and bought Andrew's wedding band.  We paid for it then and there so it is paid for and not a debt looming over our heads.  I also ordered some shoes.  I know I already have a pair of shoes from Call It Spring but these are a similar style and they were $9.99 + $20 shipping.  Considering these shoes are regularly $45 that's a good deal!  These are less flashy and will be more appropriate for wearing to special occasions in the future.  The ones I have now would be too flashy for future occasions, since they're covered in sequins.

Tonight I looked at some websites for plus sized bras and clothing and found out there's a Lane Bryant store in the Walden Galleria mall in Buffalo.  I've been there before with my mother so maybe before the wedding I can go there to get some proper sized undergarments for the wedding.  Once we have our honeymoon booked I may have to go back to buy some swimwear.  Either that or take a risk ordering it online.  I plan on going low carb after the wedding to lose as much weight as I can so worst case scenario I end up not needing plus sized anything for the honeymoon (I'm about a 16-18 now so it won't take a lot to bump me out of plus sized clothing).

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