Saturday, 6 April 2013

Wedding Party presents almost all purchased!

Previously I had purchased some jewellery for my bridesmaids as is customary, but I never received them.  It's for the best because now that they have their dresses, it wouldn't have worked out anyway.  Jewellery is a customary gift for the bridesmaids so this isn't much of a spoiler, aside from the fact I bought it.  I've received one of them and am still waiting on the other.

Just now I ordered my gift for Andrew.  It's something he will be able to wear on our wedding day.  No, it's not another pocket watch.  I can't outdo the Dr. Who one I gave him in December.  And no, this won't conflict with the tuxedo rental.  So I will let you guess what it is.  :)  This gift I bought from a reputable company and not eBay, so there's no question I will receive it.

In other news my bridesmaids dresses have arrived and they fit J&A perfectly.  They've also bought their shoes so that's already set.  Andrew and his best man went to Moore's and have picked out a nice gray tuxedo that they like.  I think the gray will fit in nicely with the "silver" aspect of our wedding.  :)

Also, oh shit Bell is coming early to install our services so I'm going to go for now.

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