Tuesday, 15 January 2013

More stuff off the list

Well, because eBay must be done in a timely manner, I bought a few things off it today for the wedding.  Unfortunately this means I spent more than I have in my bank account (yay overdraft protection!) but if Andrew gives me a little money I should be okay.  I bought my necklace/earring set, my bridesmaid gifts, a veil, and tea lights that have a white glow.  On the weekend we had tried tea lights from my work, but they had an amber glow.  In the frosted glass, the real flame looked white so we knew we needed tea lights with a white glow.  We are going for battery operated lights instead of real ones because real tea lights only burn for about 4 hours.  We didn't want them going out before the evening was through.

On eBay I also found a terrific looking invitation set.  The invites are $1.59 each, but printed on handmade paper.  They do not come with envelopes, but they will fit inside standard A6 envelopes.  They are absolutely beautiful and have a blue stylised bird on them.  Shipping is even free, even though it's coming from Europe.  However, since we would also want RSVP cards and we won't be ordering invites until July or August, I added the auction to my watch list instead of paying for them now.

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