Friday, 25 January 2013

Wedding Shoes (final), my shopping trip, and Automatic for the People

Today at Scarborough Town Centre I picked up a pair of silver sequined sandals from Call it Spring that I had ordered online.  They cost me $18 (they were on clearance) and I bought them because they looked like they would suit my needs: they would fit, they had an ankle strap so they'd stay on, they had a heel, they had a platform (which I prefer but my mom thinks is insane) and, best of all, they have rubberised soles so they're not slippy on smooth floors (this is critical).

I wanted to share images on here but apparently I can't load images from my computer.  In lieu of that, here is a link to the website instead. I know they're on clearance now for $9 which makes me a bit sad, because I paid $18 for them.  But I still got a good deal compared to the original $60 price!  They are on clearance so that link won't work forever, so I apologise if you've come to this blog late and the link is broken.  Here is the best I can describe them: they are sandals with a wedge heel, a platform base (about 1 inch high), and they are completely covered in little silver sequins.  They not only have a sling back, but they also have an ankle strap to keep them on my feet.  The sole is rubberised, as I said above, and it has a slight little heel to it at the back (about 1 millimetre).  The overall look is very fancy, very shiny, and very chic.

Anyway I'm currently wearing them to break them in!  My mom doesn't know I've bought them yet.  I want to break them in a bit and surprise her with them when she's up next.  She will say they're too high but I'm fine on them and I don't wobble like I did on the other pair of silver shoes I had purchased from Spring.  The other pair were a normal pair of heeled shoes only covered in silver glitter.  They're very pretty, but they have a smooth sole which makes it very difficult to walk on smooth surfaces.  I will probably just have to sell them on eBay or something.  Which is a shame because they really are nice, but they just won't have any practical purpose for me.

Also on my trip to Scarborough Town Centre I made a couple other stops.  I went in Claire's to get ring guards (the stupid clear plastic kind, but it will suffice for now), but came out with a couple fashion scarves, and a couple pairs of hand warmers (arm warmers that only cover up to the wrists; I call them hand warmers).  One scarf is more fancy and is black with silver lines through it.  I will wear that for dressy occasions.  The other one is blues/purples and looks like the night sky with nebulae.  It's definitely more casual and would be better with jeans.  The hand warmers, one pair is black fishnet and the other pair is black lace.  Not entirely sure when I will wear them, but I've wanted them for the longest time so I will find a suitable occasion.  The lace ones are meant for summer specifically, but could be used for dressier occasions too, I guess.

On my way out of Claire's I saw Ecko Unltd.  I used to have a sweater from them that I had bought at Canada's Wonderland ages ago.  I had bought it because it was a cold day and I was under dressed and I needed something warm.  It was like $65 or $70 but I wore it a lot and definitely got my money's worth from that sweater in the end.  Unfortunately, it was a medium and I grew too fat for it and somewhere it disappeared from my wardrobe.  So I went into Ecko Unltd to see what they had, since they had HUGE signs saying "up to 70% off."  Well, I ended up coming out with three sweaters (buy 2 get 1 free) for $67 after taxes.  Not bad, eh?  I bought one black hoodie with the Ecko logo on it in shimmery silver, a blue hoodie which has "Ecko Unltd" written on it in blue sequins, and the sweater I got for free is an oversized (not really) light and dark grey striped sweater with a glittery Ecko written in stylised font on the front.  That one will mostly be for sleepwear.  I mean I could totally wear it out, but it has a wide neck and I can't see many times I'd want to wear a sweater out of the home but not have something near the neck.  At home it doesn't matter as much.

When I got home, a friend linked on Facebook a video of R.E.M.'s song "Losing my Religion" but in a major key instead of a minor one.  Well, it definitely sounded "sunnier" but it just sounded.. wrong somehow.  I had that album back in the day, but I also had the album Automatic for the People on cassette.  I listened to that album a lot, especially on the road.  There were many times we'd come back from my aunt and uncle's and I'd listen to this album while watching all the farm fields go by out the window.  Very relaxing, and a lot of good memories.  Now I can create new memories with the album, since I just bought it from iTunes!  But really, it is a fantastic commute album.

So it was kind of an expensive day (to be fair the shoes had been ordered in advance, I was just picking them up), but I think I did well.

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